Pelagic Longline

This fishery uses a longline to catch a variety of pelagic fish on the high seas such as tuna and swordfish. A deep-set longline is used to primarily target tuna and a shallow-set longline is used to target swordfish or mixed species including bigeye, Albacore and yellowfin tuna. Baited hooks are attached to a line that floats in the ocean using buoys and flagpoles

Gill nets

Gill-nets are the dominant gear in the Indian Ocean. Gill-nets are used in artisanal and semi-industrial fisheries, contributing to 30-40% of the total catch. The net design is comprised of continuous panels of uniform mesh size, aimed to trap fish behind the gills. The International Sustainable Seafood Foundation (ISSF) notes that rates of sharks and turtle by-catch in Indian Ocean gill-net fisheries are high.

Purse Seine

Purse seine nets involve a long wall of netting that can surround a school of fish and be pulled tight, enveloping the school of fish (and any other animals) in a purse-like structure. Purse seiners are usually used to catch pelagic tuna, especially in the western Indian Ocean. They are often used in association with FADs.


Trawling is when...

Vertical Hooking

Vertical Hooking is when...


Dredging is the scraping of the ocean floor

Dive Hand Fisheries

Dive Hand Fisheries is when....