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Our Fantasy Software truly allows you to manage all aspects of your Charter Boat Business

Modern Web & Responsive Mobile Technologies for competitiveness, speed & scalability

State of the Art Fantasy Fish Charter Boat Management App for iOS and Android

Online Trip Calendar, Check Availability, Fishing Trip Reservation Solutions & Media Galleries

Secure Access Portals for Anglers, Captains, Crew and Owners of the Boat

Create A Trip, Manage Trips, Expense Trips, Edit Trips, Complete Trips, Post Trips, Analyze Trips

Integrated Real Time Weather, Tides, Currents, Waves, Lunar Calendar, RSS Feeds and so much more…

Manage your Corporate Docs, Boat Info, Trip Pricing, Fishing Equipment and all Tackle Box Inventory

Create Purchase Orders, R&M Work Orders & Easily Categorize all Expenses for Accounting

Set Up Your Trip Costing Logic, Profit Models and Allocations for Charter Boat & Commercial Operations

Manage all Employee and/or Contractor Profiles, Work Schedules, Settlements & Payroll

Integrated with the Platform for easy editing and updating of your Online Profile

Integrated with our Ultimate Angler App so that your Captains don't miss out on their favorite

Automated Pre-Trip Inspection & Post Trip Inspection forms sent to your Captains

Automated Template Confirmations, Invoices, Vouchers, Reminders and Updates

Business Intelligence Module with Summary Analysis, Reports, KPIs, Graphs and Charts

General Ledger, Summary Reports & Financial Profit & Loss Statements