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Edit, Update, Manage and Control your Angler, Captain or Boat Member Profile, as well as set Administrator User & Security Settings


Access to our entire Worldwide database of more than 800+ Sportfishing Destinations, 2000+ Boats and more than 2300 Certified Captains. Fantasy Fish is the leader.  No one provides you with more quality, profile depth, real time check availability, instant booking and value added service offerings in the fishing industry than Fantasy Fish.


Access to our Global Database of Fishing Tournaments and all related pages, content and features.  Stay up to date with our Real-Time Leaderboards and never miss your favorite fishing tournaments. 

Fantasy Fish

Access to all Fantasy Fish Webpages, Content and Features including your Fantasy Fish Players Account.  Create or join Competitions and Worldwide Fantasy Leagues where you can challenge your friends or other members to games of skill, logic and player research. Some games are for recognition, but most are for CASH PRIZES! – See Rules and Excluded States.   


This is your Fantasy Fish Inbox where you will receive and have access to all the messages, updates, reminders, confirmations, trip vouchers and any other communications with attachments that we send to you.

Tackle Box

Keep track of all your “Tackle Box” inventory including all Rods, Reels, Lures, Leaders, Jigs, Rigs, Kits, Teasers, Line, Boots, Overalls, Tools and everything else you can think of. This Tackle Box module is designed to allow you to create and maintain a complete ongoing inventory of all your fishing gear.

Record A Fish

Every time you catch a fish it takes less than 10 seconds to "log" it and have it forever. Easily record the Date, Time, Species, Length, Weight, Bait Type Used, GPS plot your location or type it in and attach a picture and/or video from your phone. We also bring in NASA & NOAA scientific information and Maps to accompany your fish catch data to build a more complete and usable record for you.

Catch Log

All your historical "caught fish" will be listed and displayed in detail here with filters, sorting, logged info and picture/ video viewing options for your enjoyment. You are also able to export, print and share your Catch Log with friends on the network. Charts, Graphs, Analysis, Historical on all your catches.

My Fishing Media

Upload and manage all your fishing photos and sportfishing action videos. You can share these pictures and videos with friends or customers, and/ or post them directly to your own private Social Media Accounts.  Finally, an easy place for fisherman to store and keep all their fishing related pictures and video content.

Trip Planner

Plan and Book all your upcoming Sportfishing trips.  Our trip planner allows you to plan your fishing trips years in advance.  Some of our members like to use this feature and call in their WISH LIST!  The idea is that you set up and plan for any upcoming fishing trip, so that when the time comes, and you are ready, simply press Book Now.  

Current Trip

Summary of any “Currently” Booked or Reserved Trips.  Within your Current Trip, this where you have the option to choose any of our optionalValue Added Services offerings that include: Beach Equipment, Snorkel Gear, Taxi, Food & Beverage Orders, GoPro Camera Rental, Camera Man Solutions.

Weather, Moon & Tides

We have created seamless integrations with WillyWeather, NOAA, NASA and MoonConnection.com to display the Current and Forecasted Weather, a interactive Moon Phase Calendar, as well as the Tide Schedules, Current & Wind all into a single page for your convenience. 

What’s Biting

This Widget displays fish bite probability charts by Month or Year for the most popular Big Game species caught in different regions of the World. When you are wondering when is the most optimal time of the year (peak season) to try and catch a specific type of species, then our What’s Biting tool is the perfect resource.

Underwater Species

Detailed Species Profiles include Posters, pictures, physical descriptions, taxonomy, biology and more. All species can be sorted by type, family, category, name or you can simply filter the results by an Alphabetical "Letter". Our species profiles are comprehensive and are a great tool to have for reference and explanation.


Over 150+ Fishing and Boating Vocabulary Terms and their related Definitions.  Did you hear your captains say something or read something in a magazine and you don’t know what it meant? We list our fishing terms by alphabetical order and we also provide easy look up and search tools to help you out.


Pictures and Definitions of all the different fishing techniques that are being utilized around the world.  For best representation and understanding of the industry, we provide a full list of both Commercial and Sportfishing Techniques for your reference.

Lures, Rigs & Jigs

Pictures and Definitions of all the “Most Popular”, as well as some “Secret” fishing lures, rigs and jigs that are being utilized around the world.  There is a wide diversity of set ups and styles, so we separate everything by Ocean, River and Lake for your easy look up and reference.

FADs & Artificial Reefs

Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) and some designated Artificial Reefs are ongoing fish producing locations for everybody to enjoy, so we have made finding them easy for you by providing location maps, navigation coordinates and some basic information.

Regulated Fishing Areas

The United States Federal Government and some State Agencies, have specific marine zones and areas that are to be strictly Regulated, Controlled and Monitored by the U.S. Coast Guard. Within your Fantasy Fish Account we have made it easy and have provided you with your Preferred State or Regions Regulated Fishing Maps and any available public Information we were able to gather for these protected ocean sanctuaries.

Industry Insider

Multiple 3rd Party "Real Time" RSS Feeds that pertain to the Fishing Industry. You choose from our list of partners to figure out exactly what you would like to see within your dashboard, and we will be happy to display the real-time information feed within your fantasy fish account.

Fantasy Gift Store

Online shopping store with all of your favorite Sportfishing Brands and all of their offered tackle, gear and equipment at discounted pricing!

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