What is Fantasy Fish?
 Is Playing on Fantasy Fish legal?
 What type of contests do you offer?

Account Management

 What should I do if my account has been Misallocated, compromised or otherwise mishandled?
 Does Fantasy Fish Prevent Commingling of Funds Between Consumer Accounts and Company Operating Expenses?
 How Does Fantasy Fish Prevent Unauthorized Withdrawals from My Account?
 Can I Use a Form of Payment Belonging to Someone Else in Order to Deposit Into My Account?
 How Are Refunds or Withdrawals Handled for Closed Accounts?
 How is My Information Protected?
 Can I Register More Than One Account?
 Can I Permanently Close My Account at Any Time for Any Reason?
 Can I Change My Username?
 What Information is Required to Open a Fantasy Fish Account?

Deposits, Withdrawals & Bonuses

 What Can I Use to Deposit?
 How Can I Increase My Deposit Limit?
 How Do I Submit a Withdrawal Request?
 What Is Your Withdrawal Policy?
 How Long Do Withdrawals Take?
 Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My DFS Earnings?

Gameplay/ Prizes

 How Do Steps Contests Work?
 Can I Withdraw an Entry from A Contest? Users can withdraw from any contest as long as they meet the following conditions:
 How Do I Limit the Number of Contests Another Player Can Join From My H2H Challenges?
 What Happens If I Enter a Multi-Entry Contest And Win In Multiple Places?
 What Happens If A Real-Life Game Is Cancelled/Delayed/Postponed?
 What Are Fantasy Fish Dollars?
 What Does It Mean If I Win a Entry Ticket?
 What If I Have Unredeemed Tickets for a Contest That Has Passed?
 What Happens If Two Users Tie in A Contest?
 When Do Lineup Entries and Edits Close?
 Glossary of Terms
 What happens if users tie in a Survivor contest?
 What Happens If One of My Players Is Injured/Is Out/Doesn't Play?
 How Are Contests Scored?
 How Do I Enter Contests?

Community Guidelines

 Acceptable Behaviors
 Un-Acceptable Behaviors

Player Rewards

 When Will The FPPs I Earn from Completing Missions Be Credited to My Account?
 When Will Flash Bonus Contests Appear in The Lobby?
 Where Can I See How Many FPPs I have Earned So Far This Month?
 With the Change in Rewards, what happens to how my Deposit Bonus Will Release?
 Does the Change in Player Rewards Impact the FPPs That I Already Have?
 What are Frequent Player Points?


 What duties and responsibilities does the commissioner have? What restrictions are there on non-commissioners?
 How is this different from a traditional season-long league?
 Can this be used to organize a season long league?
 How do recurring contests work?
 How do I create a recurring contest?
 What are Leagues?
 How do I leave a League?
 How do I delete a league?
 Can I edit the size or payout structure of a contest once it has been created?
 What if a League contest doesn't fill?

Vip Store

 How do I spend Frequent Player Points (FPPs)?
 Are there any sales taxes or shipping fees on any items?
 Do I have to pay taxes when I redeem FPPs?
 Can I choose to ship a product to a different address?
 I just bought something awesome from the VIP Store. How long will it take for my item to be delivered?
 Can items be purchased from the store with real money?
 Do I need a Fantasy Fish account to shop at the VIP Store?
 Can I alter or cancel an order after it has been placed?
 What is your return policy for store merchandise?
 What is your exchange/cancellation policy for experiences purchased through the store?

Updated Policy on Employee Participation

 How do I know that Fantasy Fish employees that DO have access to proprietary information won't use it to their advantage on other DFS sites?
 How do I know that employees of other DFS sites are not using proprietary data to help them beat me in contests on Fantasy Fish?.
 What about Fantasy Fish analysts/pros? Can they still play on your site and other DFS sites?
 Are Fantasy Fish employees allowed to participate in public contests on Fantasy Fish?

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