Fantasy Fish provides professional fish mounting services at discounted rates.  Fantasy Fish customers can either choose to use the Worlds Biggest Taxidermy Company or they can choose from our other offered "Local" Hawaiian Taxidermist Companies that are also well respected and proven masters in the trade.  It is always best that you you let Fantasy know “while on your fishing trip” that you want to mount the game fish you just caught. This ensures that the crew gets exact measurements and takes as many high quality pictures of your fish from different angles.  If given the opportunity, the boat crew will always try to capture all of the color variations and independent markings of your fish.  However, rest assured that if you decide at a later time (after your trip) to have your fish mounted, this is completely ok and quite common. Fish Mounts can be ordered and manufactured to perfection no matter the amount of time that has passed. Memories and pictures are great, but nothing compares to a life size mount of your prized fish to accompany the story!  

Ordering your Fish Mounts is a simple ONLINE process and it begins right here!

You can also call us at 808.369.9779 or email us at and we will be glad to assist you. 


  Can or should I send a photograph of my fish?
  How are the fish mounts hung to the wall?
  How long will it take to create my fish trophy mount?
  Can my fish mount be shipped?
  Are there any additional shipping and crating charges added to an order?
  What material are the fish mounts made out of?
  Is every fish mount custom made?
  What do you need in order to produce a trophy mount of an actual fish?
  Why is there a visible line the length of the fish that looks like a seam on the front of my mount?
  What material are the eyes made of?
  What material are the teeth or jaws made out of?
  Can or should I send a photograph of my fish?
  Do you use the real teeth from the fish?
  From where does Taxidermy originate?
  Do you use the real fish to make the mount?
  Can you customize the mount so it can be displayed other than on a wall?
  In addition to marine taxidermy, do you also produce animal taxidermy, such as deer or moose?
  Can I hang my fish mount outdoors?