Fantasy Fish is a pioneering American company operating in an innovative space where discussions of appropriate legal regulations are ongoing. Both federal and state laws govern Fantasy Fish and its DFS contests. Fantasy Fish operates in compliance with federal law, including a statute called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, which exempts fantasy sports contests from its regulation. State law regarding DFS contests varies by state, and is currently dynamic, with some states expressly regulating DFS contests while others continue to evaluate the legality of DFS contests and potential regulation of the industry. In some states, the legality of DFS contests has never been questioned. In states where politicians or other officials (and not the legislature) have made statements about the legality of DFS contests, Fantasy Fish may ask a state's courts to clarify its right to operate. Some state legislatures have already passed laws confirming the legality of DFS contests. Still other legislatures are actively debating and considering laws and regulations. Fantasy Fish monitors new developments and acts quickly to ensure it is in compliance with the laws in any state where it operates. As any changes in the law take place or regulations are implemented, Fantasy Fish will take steps to ensure its continued compliance, and changes to this site may take place to reflect any such new laws or regulations.